MAG2View helps you manage your construction projects more efficiently by:

Providing automated communications between all stakeholders

Facilitating all project issue tracking

Reducing your administration time

Allowing for instant retrieval of all of your project related documentation

Construction Management Software

MAG2View is a project management tool designed for small and medium size construction companies

Customizable Modules

Modules are customizable to suit specific industries.  Such as modules for Water & Wastewater infrastructure projects.


MAG2View tool is a mobile-friendly, web-based system that can be accessed from anywhere using any device

Ease of Use and Security

This easy to use, intuitive system facilitates communication among all stakeholders and securely keeps all project tasks and documentation in one central location

Main Benefits

Reduce Email Clutter

The system allows for unlimited size file attachments which helps to avoid email clutter. Email sent from the system include a link back to the project item such as submittal, RFI or RFQ.  All attachments are stored within the system.


Enhance Communication

Instantly update or view any item’s status with the click of a button. Tasks can be easily assigned to a specific team member to action or respond.

Know More

Allow for Efficient Collaboration

All project team members will always have access to the latest information to expedite real time collaboration and to allow for efficient decision making.


Easily Identify Past Due & Critical Items

All Past Due items are clearly displayed in red, while critical items are displayed in yellow. There is an option to automatically send email reminders to the responsible person for overdue items, which helps to keep the project on track.

MAG2View Construction Management System

Managing RFIs, Submittals, RFQ and all other communications should not be a hassle.  Let MAG2View be your centralized place for communication and issue management so your team can focus on the actual tasks at hand.

Main System Features


All communication history is kept and is accessible within each item (date created, who responded and the date of each response – i.e. who did what & when)

Search Engine

Easily find required item(s) by searching based on various filters such as key word; spec #; drawing # or status….

Record Management

All project documentation is saved in one spot.  All documents are kept electronically, secure and accessible to all team members.


The application is web based and mobile friendly.  It is accessible anywhere, on any device whether it be a computer, tablet or mobile phone.


The system allows users to mark-up or draw, Notes can be added onto PDF documents and photos within the system.


The system is highly secure and includes various levels of user authorization to ensure that each user has access only to the items that they are authorized to see.

Linked Items

Effectively generate RFQ from an existing RFI, linking the two items and keeping track of the source of the RFQ. Similarly you can create a quotation from an RFQ.


The system is fully customizable to suit the needs of each company. Modules can be toggled on/off, configured or modified according to specific user requirements.

Review & Approval

Facilitate Consultant’s internal distribution of submittals for review. This expedites the communication between the Contract Administrator and the Design Team.

Managing A Construction Project Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

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