About Us

This product was build in conjunction with contractors who have over 40 years of experience in the field. We took a business first approach where we identified the deficiencies in current processes and used technology and our expertise to address it

Module First Approach

Working with industry partners we quickly learned that the best way to organize communication between stakeholders was to categorize the data by modules.  A user can quickly traverse through the website to find updates on a specific submittal or RFI.  This makes for a much more efficient process compared to traditional email processes.

Email Independence

One of the biggest issues that we solved for our partners was saving them tonnes of email storage space by storing all attachments on our servers.  Our partners no longer require to empty their inbox periodically.

Security In Mind

One of our main priorities while building this solution was to assure that the data is secure.  We used similar technologies that was used in the medical and insurance industries to keep data encrypted while at rest and in transit.

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